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Port Authority Commission

The Port Authority Commission consists of 7 members. Five members of the Commission are City Council members and 2 members are appointed by the Council. Appointed members of the Commission serve overlapping 6-year terms. Commission Members receive no pay for their service. The members are selected based on their backgrounds in business, law, accounting, banking, financial services and other business sectors.

The Commission serves as the economic development arm of the City of North Mankato and has all the powers of a Port Authority as established under applicable Minnesota Statute. The Commission also has HRA powers under Minnesota Statute.
The Commission's annual meeting is held on the second Monday of July each year at 7:00 p.m. All other meetings are at the call of the President or motion of the Commission. Meetings are called to deal with any item or items of business necessary to carry out the goals and responsibilities of the Commission and review applications for economic development or redevelopment projects.

Port Authority Packets are Available at the North Mankato Taylor Library and online at

Port Authority Packets

History of the Port Authority

Port Authority By-Laws (pdf)

Tax Increment Financing Project History (pdf)

Downtown Grants

Downtown Loans

North Mankato Traffic Counts

Port Authority Commission (6-year term)

Commission Member

Appointment Effective Through  

Duane Olenius 2026
Dave Arnold 2025
Billy Steiner NA
Mark Dehen NA
Diane Norland NA
Sandra Oachs NA
James Whitlock NA
John Harrenstein (ex-officio) NA