North Mankato, Minnesota

Local Sales & Use Tax

Local Sales & Use Tax

Sales Tax

State Rate 6.875%
County Rate 0.5%
City Rate 0.5%
Total 7.875%

2016 Sales Tax Extension

Use Tax

Residents and businesses may owe a local use tax on purchases made outside of the North Mankato city limits. Local use tax applies when you buy items or services for use, storage, distribution or consumption in the local area without paying local sales tax to the seller. Use tax is similar to the sales tax and the rates are identical. It is based on your cost of taxable purchases. Common examples of when use tax is due are when (1) you buy items outside the local area and the seller doesn’t charge local sales tax, and you use or store the item in the local area, or (2) you buy a taxable item from an out-of-state seller who does not charge local sales tax. If you believe you may owe a local use tax, you may contact the Minnesota Department of Revenue, Sales and Use Tax Division at 651-296-6181 or 800-657-3777 or go to for information and forms necessary for calculating and paying the tax. The Department of Revenue provides a link to Fact Sheets 146, Use Tax for Businesses, and 156, Use Tax for Individuals, for more information about use tax.

Local Food and Beverage Tax

The City of North Mankato has implemented a Local Food and Beverage Tax that began on January 1, 2020.  The City began collection of the tax on January 1, 2020, but the Minnesota Department of Revenue took over collection on April 1, 2020. Below is information concerning the tax:

  • Tax Rate-0.5%
  • The tax will be used for funding operation, maintenance, and capital expenses for the Caswell Regional Sporting Complex and for costs related to regional tourism events.
  • Ordinance

Additional questions may be directed to Finance Director Jessica Ryan at 507-625-4141.