North Mankato, Minnesota

KTV Advisory Committee

KTV Advisory Committee



The purpose of the KTV Advisory Committee is to monitor the performance of KTV through evaluation and an annual report, to address programming concerns, and to promote KTV public access services. KTV Advisory Committee ensures KTV is operated in accordance to the operational guidelines and operational agreement.


The KTV Advisory Committee shall be comprised of one staff member from the City of North Mankato, one staff member from the City of Mankato, two residents from Mankato, two residents from North Mankato and one Bethany staff member.



Member and Position Appointed
Greg Abbott - Resident North Mankato 2015
Paul Brandon - Resident Mankato 2015
Barbara Maher - Resident Mankato 2015
Jacob Schoonover - Resident North Mankato 2018
Shelly Schulz - Staff Member Mankato N/A
April Van Genderen - Staff Member North Mankato N/A
Greg Vandermause - KTV Studio Director N/A