North Mankato, Minnesota

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Electric Vehicle Chargers

In spring of 2020, the City purchased and installed two Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers in cooperation with BENCO Electric. One is a level 2 charger and the other is a level 3 fast charger. They are located at the corner of Commerce Dr. and Roe Crest Dr., near the North Mankato Animal Hospital.

Level 2 chargers were installed at Caswell North Soccer Complex and at Caswell Softball Park in the summer of 2021. This is made possible by the Olseth Foundation and in coordination with BENCO Electric.

The City of North Mankato was recognized by Recharge Minnesota in September of 2020 as a part of an inaugural group of participants in a program for EV leaders. Check out Mayor Dehen's message about our EV Chargers in the video below.

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