North Mankato, Minnesota

Water Meter Reading

Water Meter Reading

All customers are sent a utility bill and are charged for water according to their usage. The City of North Mankato does not provide meter readers. It is the responsibility of the customer to submit accurate meter readings along with their payment every month. Some homes have one meter and others have two or more.

Payments and readings are due on or before the due date specified on the bill. (Due date is usually the 10th of each month.) Delinquent payments and meter readings will be subject to penalties and shut off.

The Importance of Reading your Water Meter

  • Avoid penalties: When a meter reading is not received by the due date the account will be charged a $3 penalty. Three (3) consecutive months of no readings will result in an additional $20 charge.
  • Avoid shut off: Failure to submit monthly meter readings may result in service being shut off.
  • Identify issues: Consistent, monthly readings allow us to calculate an average use for you. When entered, if it is higher or lower than your average we can alert you. This is the best way to identify issues such as leaks or running toilets.

How to Read your Water Meter

Water meters are located in the basement or utility room and will look similar to one of these.

Flip up the lid (if there is one) and read left to right. Write your reading in the provided space next to the corresponding meter number.

For multiple meters, match the meter serial number with the readings.

Meters  Water Meter New 2  Water Meter New

How to Submit your Meter Reading

Meter readings can be sent to the City by any of these options:

Submit your Meter Reading

  • Payment Drop Box at City Hall (green drop box next to the library book drop box) or Payment Drop Box on Commerce Dr. (near the boulevard in front of New 2 You Family Thrift store).
  • Mail (A blue return envelope is provided).