North Mankato, Minnesota

Historic Recognition Program

Historic Recognition Program

Purpose Statement

The recognition program will provide North Mankato with the ability to:

  1. Become aware of their history and the places associated with that history.
  2. Recognize historic places and buildings that contributed to the community’s development
  3. Provide North Mankato residents the opportunity to learn about North Mankato’s history.
What Contexts Will Be Recognized?

When evaluating whether a specific location or building shall be recognized, the following contexts will be used.

  • Pre-settlement, Native American, Early Settlement
  • The River, Bridges, and Related Transportation
  • Agriculture, Commerce, and Industry
  • Civic Life
  • Social, Cultural, and Recreational Life
  • Dwelling of Historically significant city figure
Methods of Recognition

The Historic Recognition Program will recognize North Mankato History through displays at the library, social media and press releases, historic plaques on commercial or residential buildings, walking tours of historic locations, a website dedicated to sharing and preserving North Mankato history, historic markers, and an oral history program.

Displays at the library: The North Mankato Taylor Library currently houses historic pieces including the old cash register and scales from Mutch’s hardware. At least once a year, in cooperation with the Nicollet County Historical Society and North Mankato City staff, the library will display a history collection or poster display.

Social Media Posts: North Mankato City staff will once or twice a month create a post dedicated to the history of North Mankato. Promoting and presenting North Mankato history and providing an opportunity for the telling of personal stories tied to the post.

Historic Plaques: The City of North Mankato is in the process of recognizing five historic homes in North Mankato: 322 Wheeler Avenue, 348 Wheeler Avenue, 412 Sherman Avenue, 503 Cornelia Avenue and 442 Wheeler Avenue. Each home will be provided with a small sign to place in front of their residence. Staff will continue to evaluate and consider homes for historic recognition. If residents are interested in having their residence recognized, a form may be submitted for review.

Walking Tours of Historic Locations: The library and City Hall will hold maps of a walking tour of historic locations. The map will contain information about the significance of each location. An audio option will also be made available.

Website: A website will provide an interactive map of historic locations along with information and pictures. The website will contain the application for historic recognition along with a “tell your story online form.” Information on upcoming North Mankato displays and historic events will be maintained.

Historical Markers: Five historical plaques have been commissioned, and the City will continue to evaluate North Mankato history to determine if additional markers should be placed.

Oral History Program: The City will provide opportunities for North Mankatoans to share their history through an oral history program. Events will be held where residents can share their stories, or they may request to have their story recorded by contacting City staff.

Cooperate with Nicollet County Historical Society to Promote and Present North Mankato History: The City will work with Nicollet County Historical Society at least once a year to provide an opportunity for North Mankatoans to learn more about North Mankato history through presentations, projects or displays.

In conclusion, the recognition program will become a local resource for information on North Mankato history. The plan will allow for the recognition of local stories, the pursuit of additional resources and move the City forward in finding ways to continue to recognize the history of North Mankato.

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