Belgrade Avenue and Centennial Park
Belgrade Avenue and Centennial Park by: GreggAndersen/gallery19
Caswell Park: Sport Pix
Caswell Park: Sport Pix
North Mankato Taylor Library
North Mankato Taylor Library
Spring Lake Park
Blues on Belgrade
Pioneer Wagon Rides
Pioneer Wagon Rides at the North Mankato Taylor Library

Welcome To North Mankato, MN

Garbage and Recyling Cart FYI!

  1. Garbage and Recycling carts must be on the curb for pickup by 6:00 a.m.
  2. Carts must be placed 3 feet from any obstacle including the other cart. If vehicles are parked near the garbage and recycling carts please place the carts on the street or at the end of your driveway so the garbage and recycling trucks can reach the carts.
  3. If you have garbage that will NOT fit in your garbage cart please use a bag tag. Secure the bag tag to your excess garbage bag and place it on the ground next to your garbage cart. Garbage placed beside the cart without a bag tag will not be picked up. Bag tags may be purchased for $3.50 each at the North Mankato Municipal Building.
  4. Bag Tags MUST be visible from the sidewalk.
  5. Recycling will be picked up every other week, the same day as your garbage. Please refer to the map and calendar that you received in the mail to determine which week your recycling will be picked up.
  6. Valet service is available for $9.00 a month.  The collection agency will pull the carts to the street and return them to the correct location. To sign up please call the City Offices.
  7. If your garbage is not picked up or your cart is damaged please contact West Central Sanitation at 1-800-246-7630.

If you have any questions concerning your new garbage and recycling carts please contact the City Offices at 507-625-4141.

Old Garbage Cart Return

Old Garbage Cart Return Checklist

  • Is the cart in good shape?
  • Does the cart have a hinged lid?
  • Is the cart compatible with automated collection equipment?
  • You must have a Utility bill
  • You must have a valid ID.

Any garbage cart that meets the above requirements is eligible for a one-time $30.00 credit on your utility bill. To receive the credit residents must drop off and register the cart with Riverbend Recycling staff at 600 Webster Avenue. Garbage carts must be dropped off by April 1, 2015. 

All other carts or recycling totes may be kept, dropped off at the Riverbend Recycling Center, or placed on the curb during spring pick-up. No credit will be given for totes.