Mayor's Proclamation Declaring a Local Emergency

April 3, 2020


WHEREAS, Mark Dehen, the Mayor of North Mankato (the "Mayor") finds that under the authority provided by Chapter 12 and related laws of the State of Minnesota, the following situation (the "Situation") exists:

Peace Time Emergency Due to COVID 19 Health Pandemic

WHEREAS, the Governor has issued Executive Order 20-01 declaring a peace time emergency and coordinating Minnesota's Strategy to Protect Minnesotans from COVID-19 (attached);

WHEREAS, the Mayor finds that the Situation presents a combination of circumstances that are sudden and could not have been anticipated;

WHEREAS, the Mayor finds that this Situation threatens the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the community, and threatens the continuation and efficient delivery of city services;

WHEREAS, the Mayor finds that the Situation poses a risk or may cause extensive personal injury, damage or disaster to the City if not immediately addressed; and

WHEREAS, the Mayor finds that traditional sources of relief are not able to repair or prevent the injury or loss.

NOW, THEREFORE, the Mayor declares this Situation to be a local emergency effective at 7:00PM on April 3, 2020.

This declaration of a local emergency to the extent allowed will invoke the relevant portions ofthe Nicollet County Emergency Operations Plan as it relates to the City's response to the COVID-19Pandemic and pertains to the City and pandemic response and authorize other appropriate communitycontainment and mitigation strategies. The portions that are necessary for response to and recoveryfrom the emergency are hereby authorized. To the extent that normal state laws and city policies andprocedures impede an efficient response or compliance with federal and state directives orrecommendations, the City Administrator and his designees are hereby authorized to suspendcompliance with those laws, policies and procedures as authorized by the Governor's Declaration andM.S. 12.32, and to take those actions deemed necessary to protect the public health and safety.

The full proclamation can be found here.
Questions may be directed to 507-625-4141.