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Police Commendations and Complaints

In order to be responsive to the needs of the community, we encourage residents’ input.

The North Mankato Police Department is committed to providing the best service possible. Feedback from the public is essential if we are to succeed in this goal.

Your constructive comments about our service, good or bad, will help us improve and achieve our goal of providing the highest quality service possible

If you were pleased with the service from an employee and if the employee has done something extraordinary, you are strongly encouraged to formally compliment them.

The North Mankato Police Department also investigates all complaints against its employees. To ensure the integrity of the Police Department, procedures have been established which will assure the prompt and thorough investigation of all alleged or suspected personnel misconduct.

Any person who has experienced, witnessed, or has knowledge of police employee misconduct may make a complaint. Examples of misconduct may include:

  • Commission of a criminal act
  • Neglect of duty
  • Violation of an agency policy, procedure, rule or regulation, code of conduct or training standard. 


To commend or to file a complaint against a North Mankato Police Department employee you may fill out the reporting form below. A copy of this form is also available during business hours at the front lobby of the police department. You can also download a PDF copy here.

When completed, please deliver it by email, mail, or in person to the North Mankato Police Department, 1001 Belgrade Ave, North Mankato MN, 56003 Attn: Chief Ross Gullickson. Email: 701@nmpd.org

You may also call the employee’s supervisor at 507-625-7883 and report your compliments or concerns. 

What is the complaint process?

  1. The complaint will be investigated by a department supervisor.
  2. The complaint investigator will interview witnesses and other parties who can provide relevant information about the investigation. They will also review any applicable evidence and may interview the involved police employee.
  3. The investigator will record his/her findings regarding the complaint and the results will be presented to the chief of police.
  4. The chief of police will review the facts of the investigation and determine an appropriate disposition.
  5. Once a determination has been made the person filing the complaint will be informed of the outcome. 


Witness #1
Witness #2
If unknown, Physical Description. Max 300 characters.
This should be completed by the complainant and signed. Include all relevant information: the reason you had contact with the law enforcement officer(s), and a narrative of the events. Include an explanation if you believe misconduct has occurred. Include copies of any supporting documents you may have. Max 4000 characters.