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Plumbing Permit Application

The address where the work will be performed.
Briefly describe the work to be done.
Include street address, city, state and zip code.
6 digit PM License
6 digit PC License

This is an application to do plumbing work in the City of North Mankato. When signed by the Plumber or the Owner of the property, with the endorsement by the City Plumbing Inspector, and accompanied by full payment of permit fees, a valid plumbing permit will be issued.

The undersigned agrees to comply with all city ordinances, regulations and state plumbing codes governing said plumbing work. This permit is issued with the understanding that the plumbing specified will be done by a Master Plumber/homeowner or under his/her direct supervision and control.

Lawn Sprinkler contractors may need a limited power license for the control system. The City of North Mankato does not regulate electrical licensing. You must contact the State Electrical Licensing Board to determine if your company needs to be licensed.

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