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NW Growth Area Study

Virtual Open House

The City of North Mankato has completed the draft NW Growth Area Study to guide future land use in the City’s major growth area. The purpose of the study is to:

  1. Achieve a shared vision among the City, stakeholders and citizens
  2. Understand the appropriate mix of new industrial, commercial, and residential development the area can support
  3. Communicate to property owners and developers the City’s plan for targeted, market supported growth and development
  4. Provide a land use framework to guide the Comprehensive Plan.

Perspective Study Area

We Need Your Feedback!

There are a couple ways to provide your feedback:

1. Review the draft plan at the link below and click on the link to the right to provide your feedback.

City staff will incorporate feedback received with other feedback and ensure insight is reflected in plan initiatives.

View the Plan




2. Attend a brief presentation on the project via Zoom (registration required).

City staff will present the plan live in a virtual "Zoom" meeting and will solicit feedback on the following dates/times:

  • Thursday, November 12th:
    1:00pm: Join Zoom Meeting – (Meeting ID: 942 9053 0600; Passcode: 136227)
    5:30pm: Join Zoom Meeting – (Meeting ID: 916 2465 2889; Passcode: 882876)
  • Tuesday, November 17th:
    12:00pm: Join Zoom Meeting – (Meeting ID: 946 7668 3750; Passcode: 933225)
    6:00pm: Join Zoom Meeting – (Meeting ID: 940 6612 7542; Passcode: 832526)


Matt Lassonde
City Planner