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City Planning


City of North Mankato Seeking Input on Electric and Autonomous Vehicle Usage and Perceptions

The City of North Mankato is conducting research to ensure its preparedness for advances in Electric and Autonomous vehicle technologies. These technologies are quickly integrating into daily life and the City hopes to understand potential impacts to existing transportation infrastructure and economic development.

The federal and state government have provided funding to municipalities to plan for this form of transportation. The purpose of the survey is to obtain residents’ input regarding the use of these vehicles.

The survey is now closed, thank you to all who participated. Check back for more information on the results of the survey.





Lookout Drive Area Plan

The City of North Mankato is examining the area surrounding Lookout Drive to understand existing conditions and citizen views on what improvements or amenities could enhance the study area. The City is committed to improving quality of life for residents, placing high quality recreational amenities in the community and ensuring all residents have convenient access to amenities serving needs. As the City develops, it is crucial to target locations for these new amenities.

Through the Area Plan, the City is examining land use, economic development, area recreation, and area design. A visioning survey was conducted from February 2nd through February 18th for North Mankato citizens to provide their feedback on the current state of, and the future of, the area surrounding Lookout Drive. The study area is depicted in the graphic below. The survey results can be seen at the following link.

Vision Survey Results

City staff is currently working with a steering committee made up of stakeholders in the study area to compile a draft document that will guide the future of investment in the study area.


Lookout Drive Corridor Study

Running concurrently with the Lookout Drive Area Plan is the Lookout Drive Corridor Study; an examination of roadway function. Save the date for an upcoming virtual open house beginning March 14th and ending March 25th. A link to the open house will available here soon. More information on the Corridor Study can be found at:






Matt Lassonde
City Planner