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The City of North Mankato has transitioned to an automatic read water meter as its new standard meter.  As of January 1, 2019, all meters installed as part of new construction or non-working meters that are being replaced, will be an automatic water meter.  If desired, property owners can replace their current manual read meter for the automatic water meter.  

What you need to know:

  • Property owners are responsible for all associated costs.
  • Payment will be due before installation. You will be billed separately for labor.
  • The most common residential water meter size is 5/8”.
    Cost of automatic water meters (Call for pricing.)

    5/8" Call for Pricing
    3/4" Call for Pricing
    1" Call for Pricing
    1 1/2 " Call for Pricing
  • City Installation fee is $42/hr. with a 1 hour minimum, you will be invoiced after installation.
  • Water shut-off valves at the meter and at the curb MUST be in working order before installation.
  • Property owners can hire a licensed plumber to install in lieu of city staff.  Meter must be purchased by a licensed plumber. 
  • Complete the request form online or at City Hall.
  • Meters will be installed in the order they are requested.  City crews will contact property owners when meter is ready for installation.

Automatic Water Meter Sign-up

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