North Mankato, Minnesota

Regular Public Hearing

Regular Public Hearing

Date:  Monday April 06, 2015 (04/06/15)

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City Council Archived Minutes

April 6, 2015 Res. No. 29-15 Vacating Utility Easements in Duehring Subdivision No. 2, Res. No. 30-15 Dispensing with Requirements Under Minnesota Statute 462.356 Subdivision 2 Regarding Sale of 706 & 710 Range, Street, North Mankato, Minnesota, Res. No. 31-15 Waiving Requirements Under City Code Provision 155.08, Res. No. 32-15 Adopting Plans and Specifications and Ordering Advertisements for Bids for Project No. 14-03CDEF Lookout Drive Reconstruction and Roundabout SP 5203-102 and SP 150-070-001, Authorize Mayor and City Administrator to Execute a Sanitary Sewer System Interconnection Agreement between the City of Mankato and City of North Mankato.